Iranian People Love Twitter
Iranian PEOPLE love Twitter, THE GOVERNMENT hates it!

Iranian PEOPLE support Twitter. was hacked and defaced on 18th December 2009 for few minutes by a group called “Iranian Cyber Army”.

They hacked another website called (opposition’s website) just recently.

This is simply not more than a simple informal message from all Iranian PEOPLE to Twitter,

Dear Twitter, we, people of Iran are very thankful to you because you are helping us to communicate with each other while the dictators are trying every possible way to isolate us from the world.

This very clearly shows that the dictators, Ahmadinejad and Khamenei and their buddies are so mad at you because they see how helpful you are to us.

They spend millions of dollars of our money every year to block our access to the internet and slow down the connections.

Please be aware that we do not support any of their activities and we are against them. We support you.

Please, by supporting us even more than before show to the false Iranian government that you know the truth and you are with the people who are seeking nothing more than peace and freedom.

We love you  xoxo

Hope for better days…